Scenic Jazz

Oil paintings by Robert Wilde (1915 - 1997)

Because so much of this music was inspired by visual imagery, I like to refer to these compositions as Scenic Jazz. Perhaps “instrumental music, performed by instruments usually associated with jazz, that includes improvisation but also features composition” could be an additional, albeit unwieldy, description. Here are a number of pieces that I recorded with an exceptional ensemble of musicians – Charlie Cooley (drums), Henry Heilig (bass), Eric St. Laurent (guitar), Colleen Allen (winds) and Art Avalos (percussion) with Carlos Del Junco ( harmonica) on Snowtown.

Audio: (Complete Catalogue Available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify)

Rhymes With Reason:
West Of When:
Secret Places:
St Andrew's Diversion:
Long Story Short:
Somewhere South:
Jamais Vu: